Product, Marketing & Growth Professional

About Me

I have build Products from the Ground Level and then Scale them to Millions of Users using Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking. Proficient in the Entire array of Product Management & Digital Marketing. I love to lead Online Businesses End to End and help companies in the Same Domain with my Expertise.

Product Management

Love to Build and scale Products that can be used my millions. High Profieciency in all Spectrums of Product Management

Digital Marketing

Good Experience in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Can Help You to achieve high ROI at minimum spends

Growth Hacking

Can think of unconventional Ideas that can bring massive growth


Proficiency in the Entire Array of Product Management. Built & Scaled Products from 0 to 1Mn+


I Can Lead and Execute the Entire array of Product Development: From Concept / Idea to Market Launch and beyond. Proficiency in Identifying a market need, building Roadmaps, Conceptualising & designing the product, developing MVP and iterating based on User Feedback. Big Fan of Lean Startup Methodology!!


Product Strategy is the Foundation of Entire Product Lifecycle. I can formulate clear product strategy making sure the Product must meet its End Goal: To Deliver its Unique Value to the respective target market, while zero in on target customers in identifying their needs and aligning internal Stakeholders.


I can align Product Positioning and features as per the Target Market need and keep on optimizing them as the Market Changes, making sure at the end of day, customer get real value out of the product and usage grow fast


Enabling Sales / Marketing teams with relevant knowledge and resources, such as Competitive Intelligence, Creating Go to Market Strategy and Product Launch Plans to attract new customers and drive Product Demand


With Proficiency in Modern Age Analytical skills and of appropriate tools, I can define and track relevant product metrics and how to further improve and optimize them to bring more sales and better Customer Experience


Below are the some domains in Digital Marketing Where I can Help You


With Expertise in both Technical and Content Level SEO Optimization along with fair experimental understanding of Google Algorithm, I can help your Website ranks on the targeted Keywords, bringing in more FREE Traffic and hence more Sales at no additional Marketing Cost!!


Expertise in all formats of Google Ads: Search, Shopping, Display & Youtube. With Experience in Handling Ads Account with Yearly Budget of USD 2Mn/yr and yielding multiple Positive ROI, I can set up or optimize your Ad Campaigns to Deliver Better ROI both in Top of Funnel and Retargeting Campaigns


Expertise in Strategizing and Executing all formats of Facebook and Instagram Ads, across all platforms (Desktop, Msite & Apps). Have Managed Ad Spend of USD 4Mn/Yr and yielded multiple positive ROI. I can set up from start or optimize existing Ad Campaigns to get more Conversions with better ROI


Growth Hacking is about Experimenting with Unconventional, Out of Box Ideas and Strategies that can results in Massive Growth in terms of Revenue or Users which otherwise couldn’t be possible with Standard Marketing Channels.

Depending Upon Your Business and Target Goals, me as a Growth Hacker will use Analytical, Inexpensive, Creative, and Innovative Methods to Exponentially Grow your Company’s Customer Base

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